Day One of the 35th IBBY International Congress Auckland!

Yesterday was the first day of the 35th IBBY International Congress Auckland. Like their beautiful website, the IBBY Congress was organized and decorated impeccably. Over 500 attendees and VIPs from all around the world were in attendance, a feat for a country as far away from everything as New Zealand. The day began with aContinue reading “Day One of the 35th IBBY International Congress Auckland!”

Melouq: Mystery and Adventure on the Mediterranean

My very first YA novel, Melouq, has finally been published on Amazon’s kindle platform and is available for purchase here! It is a very exciting time, and hopefully a good beginning. Read the summary below! The Egyptian coastal town, Ras Zahir, has always been calm and quaint, until researchers from the capital arrive. Based onContinue reading “Melouq: Mystery and Adventure on the Mediterranean”

The EBBY 1 year Anniversary Party

The EBBY Launch last Monday was very well attended with publishers, famous and emerging authors and illustrators, critics and academics teachers, and many more in attendance. On our panel was CEO Dr. Nadia El Khouly, founder of Samir Magazine Shahira x,  founder of Shura Olfat x, and Dr. Yasmine Motawy. Later, the panel hosted theContinue reading “The EBBY 1 year Anniversary Party”

Informal Education Conference in Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Yasmine Motawy, Balsam Saad and Dina Elabd of EBBY were in attendance at the Informal Education conference in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina on October 12-13. Balsam Bookstore was the event’s sponsor, and visitors crowded around the publisher’s beautiful books, taking particular note of the latest publications. Motawy chaired a stimulating session on Animation & Multimedia’s impact on Children’s Education.Continue reading “Informal Education Conference in Bibliotheca Alexandrina”

Presenting at the IRSCL 2015 Worchester Conference!

This August, I made my way into my first International Research Society for Children’s Literature (IRSCL) Conference at the University of Worcester in the UK. Very nervous about presenting my paper on the presentation and influence of children on the Arabian Nights in the past century, I had been editing and reediting my presentation upContinue reading “Presenting at the IRSCL 2015 Worchester Conference!”

Story Telling Workshops at Zee Festival Nile University

I was pleasantly surprised one afternoon when an old friend called me and asked if I would like to give a story telling workshop to two groups of children at Zee Festival, a weekend long creativity festival hosted by Nile University. That weekend, I held two workshops for children, one for children aged 6-9, andContinue reading “Story Telling Workshops at Zee Festival Nile University”