Reading and Activities at Kid's Bookstore

A BIG thank you to Kid's Bookstore in Shorouk for inviting me this weekend! Discussing books and stories, reading ميلا القطة الجميلة and The Lion that Dressed as a Sheep, and coloring our favorite ice cream flavors was so much fun! Hope to see you all again soon! 

Reading ميلا القطة الجميلة at Mum’s Lounge <3

It was such a pleasure to be invited to Mum's Lounge nursery in New Cairo to read my new Arabic children's book, Mila the Beautiful Cat (2019) ميلا القطة الجميلة. Many children and parents attended, and we had time to discuss the importance of reading and how to encourage children to love learning Arabic. It's … Continue reading Reading ميلا القطة الجميلة at Mum’s Lounge ❤

Attending Balsam Bookstore’s 9th anniversary!

This May is already the 9th birthday of Balsam Bookstore, the only specialized Arabic children's bookstore in Egypt. Egyptians can't thank Balsam enough for the effort she puts into providing excellent Arabic books for children. It was a day full of storytelling and fun! Happy Birthday! Photos below: