Melouq: Mystery and Adventure on the Mediterranean

My very first YA novel, Melouq, has finally been published on Amazon’s kindle platform and is available for purchase here! It is a very exciting time, and hopefully a good beginning. Read the summary below!

The Egyptian coastal town, Ras Zahir, has always been calm and quaint, until researchers from the capital arrive. Based on a storyteller’s tale, they create a competition to find the legendary island of Melouq. But, as three teenagers set sail, is it too much to hope that perhaps they will also find the fruit of the mythical Meldine Tree, promising health and beauty? Nour, Ali, and Dalia sail separately, hoping Melouq may solve their problems. But as long held truths begin to unravel, the island becomes the least of their worries.

“Set sail to the skies,
Let night be your guide;
The tree of heaven
To which you’ll confide.

Whether sea and storm,
The outcome be bleak.
You’ll find both disaster
And the island you seek.”

It has been reviewed by a fellow graduate of Critical Approaches to Children’s Literature, who wrote, “underneath the action, Elabd’s masterfully wrought characters uphold the story as each one sets out on a deeply personal quest, unsure of what lies ahead, sometimes afraid of the truths such a journey may reveal and realizing there is no turning back to the way things used to be.”


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