Story Telling at Rowayat Issue 3 launch

When I agreed to read the first piece I’d written for Rowayat Gemeza, I hadn’t expected just what would happen. Gemeza is the children’s magazine of Rowayat, a brilliant Egyptian journal of literature published annually. I’d written a piece about the Arab wise fool Goha, titled: Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Who is the funniest of them all?Continue reading “Story Telling at Rowayat Issue 3 launch”

My talk on Children’s Literature at the Rowayat Literary Festival

In late 2014, Rowayat hosted a Literary Festival around the launch of their magazine, and I was privileged enough to be invited to give a talk on Children’s Literature. Basically, I reviewed trends and the development in Egyptian children’s literature. Feel free to listen to it as a podcast, here!  

EBBY talk with Beverly Naidoo

Beverley Naido (second from right) at BISC with EBBY Board Members Balsam Saad (first on left) and Dina Elabd (second from left) If you don’t know her already, Beverley Naidoo is an award winning South African children’s author whose work has become a favorite with children in South Africa and worldwide. An elderly woman, sheContinue reading “EBBY talk with Beverly Naidoo”

Winning the Rowayat Student Fiction Award!

My story won the Rowayat Second Student Fiction Competition. Read it, published in Issue 2 of Rowayat: “The Palm’s Poem” “Everything about the tone is deliberate and highly controlled: it’s very nicely composed, and it reads with the clarity and force of parable without ever sounding didactic- the highest compliment I can give to writing of thisContinue reading “Winning the Rowayat Student Fiction Award!”

Interview with Godfather of Egyptian Children’s Literature, Abdeltawab Youssef

I had the good luck and privilege to interview Abdel Tawab Youssef “the godfather of children’s literature in Egypt and the Arab world”. The five part interview is available on Youtube, attached. The four other segments of the interview are also available on Youtube.