Informal Education Conference in Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Yasmine Motawy, Balsam Saad and Dina Elabd of EBBY were in attendance at the Informal Education conference in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina on October 12-13. Balsam Bookstore was the event’s sponsor, and visitors crowded around the publisher’s beautiful books, taking particular note of the latest publications. Motawy chaired a stimulating session on Animation & Multimedia’s impact on Children’s Education. The conference was an excellent opportunity to meet those interested in supporting, developing and innovating in the area of informal education in Egypt and the region.

Other IBBY notables were Hasmig Chahinian, from IBBY France who spoke on “Bringing Children and Books Together” and delighted the audience with cognitive research that shows how we can create a special bond between children and books and get a child’s brain to categorize reading as a “pleasurable thing” that should be repeated.

Read the article on the EBBY website here.

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