Book Signing: The Lion that Dressed as a Sheep & The Magic Palm!

This Tuesday the 25th of July was the book signing ceremony of The Lion that Dressed as a Sheep and The Magic Palm! Diwan Maadi was kind enough to host the ceremony. There I met young readers, spoke about my experience in writing, and read sections of each book for the audience. I was soContinue reading “Book Signing: The Lion that Dressed as a Sheep & The Magic Palm!”

The Magic Palm

I am very happy to finally release my third children’s book! The Magic Palm is a short story written with a lot of love about an Egyptian boy who lives on a date farm with his family… and experiences an unexpected bit of magic. Currently available on Amazon Kindle and Print. Enjoy!

EBBY- Ardena Competition Results

Last Saturday, the Egyptian Board of Books for Young People (EBBY) and the Shoura Assembly of Agriculture held an awards ceremony at the Zamalek Library. Well attended by local and regional publishers, authors, and illustrators, the day began with an award ceremony for the four winners of the Ardena or “Our Land” competition. Organized by EBBYContinue reading “EBBY- Ardena Competition Results”

Finalist for UK Alumni Award

Last Tuesday, I was invited to dinner at the British Embassy as a finalist for the UK Alumni Award – Category: Professional Achievement. The British Embassy in Egypt organized an inspiring event where they brought together UK alumni with significant achievements in: professional, entrepreneurial, and social achievements. It was a wonderful night where these hardContinue reading “Finalist for UK Alumni Award”

Overview of the 35th IBBY International Congress

The 35th IBBY International Congress came to an end, and I’m sure all attendees can agree that it was a great success and that they will miss New Zealand. The complete list of IBBY honor list books are presented in a video here. A great deal of interesting talks and seminars were held. What stands outContinue reading “Overview of the 35th IBBY International Congress”