School Visit at AIS

Yesterday, I had the privilege of visiting the American International School in Egypt. I walked onto the beautiful campus with the goal of speaking to the middle school about my debut novel, Melouq. Furthermore, I was informed that it would be the end of reading month at AIS, so anything I could add about the importance of reading or writing would be much appreciated.

Personally, I knew the perceived (and actual) challenges of writing a novel, so I wanted to explain that even with setbacks, anyone with something to say could become a writer, and eventually an author.

I read what I considered was one of my first stories “If I Were the Sun” to demonstrate what my writing was like at the age of 9. Later, I also read an excerpt from Melouq. Upon finishing it, I asked the audience which was better and received mixed replies.

I have to admit I was slightly disappointed, though not completely surprised.

The questions at the end were plentiful, and I was impressed with the audience. I hope I may be able to visit them again.

Attached are some photos from the day:

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