School Visit at CISE

This Wednesday, I had the privilege of visiting the Canadian International School in Egypt where I spoke to students from different grades about writing in Egypt and my two books, Melouq and The Lion that Dressed as a Sheep.

The day started with a warm welcome from the elementary school and a presentation to Grades 3 and 4 in the school auditorium. As 135 students looked on, I explained my personal experience writing from the age of nine to where I am today. I entertained questions from the students – many of which I had difficulty answering.

Afterwards, I met with several grade 7 and 8 classes and the grade 12 creative writing class. We discussed writing as a career, the range of opportunities available, and what to keep into consideration. I stumbled through a question on writer’s block that I doubt I answered very satisfactorily. If anyone has found a way to get through it, I’m all ears!

The day ended with a book signing booth in the lobby, where students picked up the book which interested them. It was a wonderful day, and I hope I can meet CISE’s great and curious minds again.

Photos of the day:

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