A finalist for the Social Impact Award by the British Council

Not only has the UK awarded me a scholarship to study Children’s Literature at the University of Cambridge in 2013, but now I was thrilled to be shortlisted as a finalist for the Social Impact Award in Egypt. It was a wonderful night where we met many talented and hard working people. Thank you soContinue reading “A finalist for the Social Impact Award by the British Council”

Reading at Alsson School – American

I was so happy to be invited by El Alsson school, New Giza, for two days to read to the American section from grades Pre-K to 5. This time, I read both my English and Arabic books – and really enjoyed the laughter from the little ones and the questions from the older students. SomeContinue reading “Reading at Alsson School – American”

Arabic Book A Month on Scoop Empire!

We really cannot thank Scoop Empire enough for the wonderful article they have written on our team’s efforts in creating and running Arabic Book A Month. “With the rise of technology and its evolution, children nowadays have bee missing out on a lot, most importantly, on their own childhood! More smartphones and tablets, less hideContinue reading “Arabic Book A Month on Scoop Empire!”

Featured in Nsf El Donia Al Ahram Magazine Article

Thank you to Al Ahram’s magazine Nsf El Donia for the wonderful article about my work in children’s books with Arabic Book A Month! It is so important to highlight all that is being done to encourage other’s to do more! I was really happy to see the two page spread in their 31 MayContinue reading “Featured in Nsf El Donia Al Ahram Magazine Article”

Reading at the Dubai Literature Festival!

This March, I was really happy to be invited to read my new book Mila the Beautiful Cat/ ميلا القطة الجميلة at the Emirates International Literature Festival, also known as the Dubai Literature Festival! It was an incredibly well attended and well organized event, with international authors form across the Middle East and beyond. Also,Continue reading “Reading at the Dubai Literature Festival!”

Picking books at the Cairo International Book Fair 2019

This year, the location of the Cairo International Book Fair was changed from Nasr City to New Cairo. To put it simply, it is a HUGE improvement. I was very impressed with how organized and timely everything was, and how large the collection was. I spent two hours wandering around the fair buying books, butContinue reading “Picking books at the Cairo International Book Fair 2019”

AUC/University of Glasgow Storytelling Workshop

Yesterday, I visited the American University in Cairo to attend a Storytelling Workshop organized by the University of Glasgow presented by Julie Adams. It was really interesting to hear about different book projects happening in Mexico, Egypt, and Lebanon. Thank you Julie, Dina, Aly, and all others present! Looking forward to working with them moreContinue reading “AUC/University of Glasgow Storytelling Workshop”