Discussing children’s books on Dubai Eye

Yesterday, I had the great opportunity to discuss children’s books on the Dubai Eye Radio Channel in the UAE. Annabelle and Evelyn, the co-hosts, and I talked about what makes a good children’s book, whether parents would agree, what are picture books, and what were my personal favorites growing up? One book that I loveContinue reading “Discussing children’s books on Dubai Eye”

Launching Arabic Book A Month!

What should I buy? Ever since my friends and family became aware of my consistent passion for quality children’s books, I have always been asked the same questions: “What books should I buy for my child/cousin/niece/nephew? Where do I find them? Are they good? I feel like Arabic children’s books are weaker than English ones.Continue reading “Launching Arabic Book A Month!”

Attending the IBBY 2018 Congress in Athens!

This year, I was so excited to attend the IBBY 2018 Congress in Athens, Greece. It is really a pleasure to be able to sit in a room surrounded with children’s book authors, illustrators, publishers, librarians, and lovers of all kinds. The amount of research done and shared in the short weekend conference is justContinue reading “Attending the IBBY 2018 Congress in Athens!”

Celebrating 100 Cambridge scholars!

Yesterday, I was very happy to be able to attend a British Petroleum BP event marking their support of education in Egypt. Until today, BP has helped fund 100 Egyptian scholars attend Cambridge university! As one of these scholars, I can not say how lucky I still feel. The Minister of Higher Education and theContinue reading “Celebrating 100 Cambridge scholars!”

Mila the Beautiful Cat – ميلا القطة الجميلة Coming Soon!

Get excited! My first picturebook “Mila the Beautiful Cat” or “ميلا القطة الجميلة ” is coming soon! And it will be published by the famous and award winning Lebanese publishing house, Asala! What does a little girl and her local cat have in common? A love for ice cream! So when the ice cream shopContinue reading “Mila the Beautiful Cat – ميلا القطة الجميلة Coming Soon!”

Featured Author of Book Week at BISM!

In celebration of World Book Day on March 1st, the British International School of Madinaty (BISM) asked me to be their Featured Author during their Book Week! This was an exciting week where I gave workshops to students in grades 3-6, a talk for students in grades 7-10, and a presentation to elementary school parents about theContinue reading “Featured Author of Book Week at BISM!”