Arabic Book A Month on Scoop Empire!

We really cannot thank Scoop Empire enough for the wonderful article they have written on our team’s efforts in creating and running Arabic Book A Month.

With the rise of technology and its evolution, children nowadays have bee missing out on a lot, most importantly, on their own childhood! More smartphones and tablets, less hide and seek, arts and crafts, or hitting the playground. That being said, it’s no surprise that reading is becoming a less popular habit in today’s world as well. Take a second and ask yourself, how often does your kid read? Now take another second and see how many Arabic books does he/she read? 

“Knowing that the answers to these questions might be disappointing, Egyptian children’s book Author, Dina El Abd, found the perfect solution; Arabic Book A Month! Lucky for us, we had the chance to have a chitchat with Dina about her startup, the industry, and more.”

It was my pleasure! Read the article here.

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