Featured in Nsf El Donia Al Ahram Magazine Article

Thank you to Al Ahram’s magazine Nsf El Donia for the wonderful article about my work in children’s books with Arabic Book A Month! It is so important to highlight all that is being done to encourage other’s to do more! I was really happy to see the two page spread in their 31 May 2019 magazine edition! Photographed below:

Reading at the Dubai Literature Festival!

This March, I was really happy to be invited to read my new book Mila the Beautiful Cat/ ميلا القطة الجميلة at the Emirates International Literature Festival, also known as the Dubai Literature Festival!

It was an incredibly well attended and well organized event, with international authors form across the Middle East and beyond. Also, I was happy to moderate a session on the importance of picture books, and to attend the session by Jeff Kinney, author of the famous series Diary of a Wimpy Kid. In a nutshell, it was fantastic!

Watch a video of me reading here.

Pictures below:

Picking books at the Cairo International Book Fair 2019

This year, the location of the Cairo International Book Fair was changed from Nasr City to New Cairo. To put it simply, it is a HUGE improvement. I was very impressed with how organized and timely everything was, and how large the collection was. I spent two hours wandering around the fair buying books, but will definitely be back again this weekend!

Pictures below!

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AUC/University of Glasgow Storytelling Workshop

Yesterday, I visited the American University in Cairo to attend a Storytelling Workshop organized by the University of Glasgow presented by Julie Adams. It was really interesting to hear about different book projects happening in Mexico, Egypt, and Lebanon. Thank you Julie, Dina, Aly, and all others present!

Looking forward to working with them more through IBBY Egypt!

Reading at the CAC Book Fair 2018

This December 11th, I was very happy to be invited to my school for a second time to read at the CAC Book Fair 2018. As usual, there was a beautiful set up and Christmas decorations, giving everyone there a very merry vibe. Many of the students remembered me from last year, and even sat down on the bean bags to relisten to me reading one of my older stories. It was a great day!

Discussing children’s books on Dubai Eye

Yesterday, I had the great opportunity to discuss children’s books on the Dubai Eye Radio Channel in the UAE. Annabelle and Evelyn, the co-hosts, and I talked about what makes a good children’s book, whether parents would agree, what are picture books, and what were my personal favorites growing up?

One book that I love until today is But No Elephants by Jerry Smath.

Listen to my live interview here or read some of my answers below:

What makes a good children’s book?
There are good children’s books. I’ve read many that are ‘good’ because they psychologically hit the child’s level, the illustrations are exciting, full of movement, creativity, and variety. the text flows and is perfect when read aloud, making the book useful for a parent/teacher – child reading session. The story itself is well – written, conscious from start to finish, either coming full circle or leaving the story open for the reader’s interpretation at the end.
But an outstanding book primarily contains and addresses feeling. 
What comes to mind is the Maya Angelou quote “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Reading above all else, gave me the feeling of security and adventure, comfort and excitement. So until now, I am always happy to go back to reading.
Do grown-ups have different opinions?
I’m very regretful to say this, but most adult’s simply don’t know how to select books for their children. That’s why awards can be so useful. If there’s a gold sticker on the book – it immediately stands out. Many adults, traditionally and until now, search for books that are overly didactic – that TEACH a lesson. And now, that simply isn’t considered good writing. 
What were some of your favourite books growing up and do you remember why?
I grew up in the States before moving to Egypt. There, my school introduced many books to me: The Bridge to Terabithia – Katherine Paterson, A Wrinkle in Time, The Giver.
Younger, my parents brought me Dr. Seus, The Rainbow Fish, and I especially liked But No Elephants by Jerry Smath. 
but no elephants

You can listen to me here:


Launching Arabic Book A Month!

What should I buy?

Ever since my friends and family became aware of my consistent passion for quality children’s books, I have always been asked the same questions:

“What books should I buy for my child/cousin/niece/nephew? Where do I find them? Are they good? I feel like Arabic children’s books are weaker than English ones. Where can I find good Arabic books that will actually make my child WANT to read in Arabic?”

Our mission…

Arabic Book A Month was made to precisely respond to this problem. Our customers are the men and women who invest in their families. They believe that providing their child with a quality education is the best gift they can give them. They value the time spent reading together, sparking discussion and connection. Their family is their highest priority. Caring for their child is not circumstantial; it is routine.

With hundreds of Arabic releases every month, we handpick the best books, guaranteeing you a steady flow of lovable Arabic books for your family to enjoy. I am very excited to start this book subscription services for Arabic speaking parents worldwide.

Join our mailing list on www.arabicbookamonth.com to be the first to know of all the details during our pre-launch phase now.

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Attending the IBBY 2018 Congress in Athens!

This year, I was so excited to attend the IBBY 2018 Congress in Athens, Greece. It is really a pleasure to be able to sit in a room surrounded with children’s book authors, illustrators, publishers, librarians, and lovers of all kinds. The amount of research done and shared in the short weekend conference is just outstanding.

I’d like to thank Vassiliki Nika, President of IBBY Greece, and the entire team that worked very hard to make such a good conference. And of course, to invite us all to beautiful Greece!


Pictures below:

The awards ceremony!

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The enchanting ancient Greek poetry!